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“In 2016 after 5 sessions, a lingering cough of 12 months duration cleared completely. In Oct 2017 I consulted Victoria again as I was suffering with an upset stomach and severe nausea. The relief of these symptoms after 1 session was remarkable. 2 sessions later I was symptom free. Victoria is my first port of call if feeling unwell from now on.”
Thank you Glendra.

“I started having acupuncture with Victoria in 2015 for my mental health issues. I could tell a difference quite soon after I started treatment. I have been going to her every one to two months and have seen a vast improvement. Victoria is very personable and of a caring nature. I would highly recommend her. Victoria has made acupuncture a very enjoyable and relaxing experience for me.”
Thank you, Louise.

“After suffering two consecutive missed miscarriages I was experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and very anxious at the thought of trying for a baby a third time. I wanted to try Chinese acupuncture as I read that it could help my body recover. I met Victoria in January 2018 not long after my 2nd loss. She was very understanding and showed great empathy for how I was feeling. The treatment I received helped my body recover from the loss, re-balance my hormones and my cycles return to normal but most importantly helped with my anxiety. Within 6 months of treatment I fell pregnant again and in March 2019 my beautiful baby boy was born.
I truly believe that the treatment I received helped me to get my rainbow baby.”

“I met Victoria a few months after being diagnosed with ME/CFS, I wasn’t getting any support from my GP so I started doing a lot of online research into treatments. Acupuncture was recommended by several people so I thought I would give it a go.
Victoria was lovely- she was very understanding and really listened to me. She took her time in explaining how she thought she could help. After my first session I started to notice a difference, my fatigue and pain started to improve. I really looked forward to my session every week. ME/CFS is a condition that fluctuates but Victoria was able to support me with any flare ups and adapt the session to help me.
I feel that acupuncture has been an extremely important part of my recovery and I would recommend Victoria to anyone who needs help with a Chronic illness.”
Thank you, Nichola

“After many months of agony with sciatica and various methods of treatment I found Acupuncture with the Victoria Heasman Clinic. Can you believe it with just one treatment I was well under way with complete relief. And now after a few more sessions I am able to live a normal life again, playing golf, walking, D.I.Y, and you name it. Many thanks Victoria.”
Regards from Mike Pitts

“I decided to try acupuncture after a year of trying for a baby and being told I had unexplained infertility. Victoria took the time to ask questions and explore my whole well being to determine the best course of action. During my sessions Victoria tried several different points and methods of acupuncture to find the most effective way to help me. We would talk through how I was feeling each week and any treatment/ hospital appointments I had, to ensure the acupuncture was working along side any medical treatment I was having. I feel without Victoria’s support and knowledge I wouldn’t have just seen my baby at my 12 week scan! Thank you Victoria.”
Lorraine C

“I went to see Victoria after reading online about how effective acupuncture could be in the treatment of Polycystic ovaries, as my husband and I were wanting to start a family. After not having a period for 9 months I started to see consultants at the hospital, so thought acupuncture would be a great alternative treatment to go hand in hand with the hospital recommendations. After 6 weeks of seeing Victoria weekly and no progress with the hospital I had a period, after 9 months of nothing this was a huge relief. I continued on with acupuncture and again after another 6 weeks had another period, the hospital prescribed me Clomid to assist in Ovulation and after one month of Clomid I discovered I was pregnant.  I strongly believe the combination of the acupuncture and the Clomid together helped me to fall pregnant! Victoria is a great listener and would always spend time going through my week and making sure if there was any points she could add to help she would (Sleep / Stress / Colds). I would highly recommend anyone to visit Victoria. Thanks.”

“Dear Victoria, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the work that you are doing with my back injuries. As you know I could barely walk and had difficulty standing upright when you first saw me. The treatment has been wonderful and has bought so much relief. As a novice to acupuncture I was skeptical as to how it would work but am amazed and would recommend it to all. The mix of acupuncture and cupping has allowed me to be virtually pain free, for a 24hrs for the first time in 25 years. If it was up to the doctors throwing medication at me I would still be on sticks at home but thanks to you I’m very gratefully back at work. Thank you again.”

“Dear Victoria, I thought I would let you know how effective your acupuncture work on my feet has been. After a long period of constant nagging pain and various different attempts to alleviate it, my first visit to you provided almost instant relief. The procedure was not as daunting as I had imagined and the results highly satisfactory. The pain has diminished considerably and with further acupuncture work from you I am sure it will abate completely. I would not hesitate to recommend your treatment to anybody suffering with joint pain or associated discomfort.”
Enrica Warrick

“Dramatic difference seen from having a course of ten sessions; my frown lines have gone! And my lines around my eyes have almost faded to nothing! My skin is clearer and I get so many comments on how good my skin looks!! Would recommend it to anyone in a heart beat.”
Claire, G.

“I went to see Victoria in the hope that she could help with my poor sleep and night sweats. I’ve had several sessions now and both have vastly improved; I still wake up but can get straight back to sleep and the night sweats are much reduced. An added bonus is that it makes me feel amazingly relaxed; so much so that I usually fall asleep during the session. Thanks Victoria.”
Jackie Lawson

“I first heard about Victoria from my husband after his successful treatment for his sciatica. I also had a back problem which Victoria treated successfully. I suffer with anxiety and taking medication for it. With Victoria’s help I’m now off medication. Victoria listens to you, relaxes you and is so calming. Highly recommend, thank you Victoria.”