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Tuesday 7th April 2020

A couple of weeks into lockdown now and you may have fallen into some sort of new rhythm. Or it may be total chaos, we can but try! This week I’ve decided to make the focus on boosting the immune system, as I thought that would be of interest to many of you. Firstly some tips for keeping well;

An obvious one, but drinking plenty of liquids. Doesn’t matter what the liquid is but do keep hydrated. Some research shows that alcohol has a negative effect on the immune system so be cautious when having a tiple!

In general a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables makes good common sense, to keep your immune system functioning well. Taking in garlic can have immune boosting benefits, as does ensuring a healthy zinc level, all helping to protect and strengthen you. Good sources of this include beans and nuts. So excellent if you have a stash of beans going handy!

Rest & Exercise
Adequate rest, so getting enough sleep is important. If you’re struggling with sleeping try the acupressure point I suggested last week. Also getting in some physical activity, ideally in the fresh air,( for your Vitamin D levels) if you can do so safely. Try to achieve some sort of balance.

Acupressure points of the week


This point benefits the lung function, so as Corona virus is a respiratory disease this is a good area to strengthen. Press or massage the point for up to 5 minutes. I would say if you have underlying lung issues, or are older (as lung function declines with age) you could do this a number of times a day.

If you’re unlucky enough to develop symptoms of Corona you can continue to stimulate this point, whilst adding in this additional point.

Lots of you now are probably remembering me needling this point with fond memories! Ah those were the days! It’s a good one for ridding the body of viruses and associated symptoms, so ideal for a faster recovery.

Lastly but not least, keep up the hand washing and if you develop symptoms, increase the hand washing to keep others and you as safe as possible.

Finally if any of you would like certain subjects covered drop me a message and I will try to include a post about it. Unless it’s super specific, or a bit weird, but otherwise I’ll try my best!

Take care,
Victoria x