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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Week 1 of lockdown complete, and if you’re anything like me, you will have experienced a wide range of emotions. One week certainly feels like a long time, with the weeks stretching out for an indefinite period ahead. With this in mind I decided to write a blog to reach out and connect with you all and hopefully give you some self help strategies. Each week I’ll post up tips and acupressure points to try at home. I know a lot of you will be struggling without your normal routine, and if you’ve got kids, likely pulling your hair out! Here are some tips for keeping sane;

Establish a routine
Get up at the same time each morning, and go to bed at your usual time. Even though your routine is no longer necessary, it’s important to maintain it for your mental wellness. Plus if you let your routine completely go to pot, it will be very difficult to get it back again, once life returns to normality. If you have kids write up a schedule for their home learning, allowing them time for breaks and play too. If you’re working from home, draw yourself up a schedule too. If there is nothing you have to do, set yourself jobs and some sort of routine, such as housework in the morning, gardening and cooking in the afternoon.

Set yourself something to achieve each day. It’s really tempting to just whack on a onesie, give up washing and get through several days worth of box sets in one day! But after a few months of that sort of thing, you’ll be a mere shell of your former self! So if you’re having a good day, you might do something creative, your house has never looked so clean and you’ve prepared a Michelin worthy meal for your family. On a bad day you might only manage to get up, dressed and brush your teeth. And that’s okay too.

Go green
Get outside everyday. If you’re able to go for a walk safely, then do so, or spend time outside in your garden. It’s been proven that looking at the green of nature reduces depression and raises happiness levels and a sense of calm.

If you’re feeling lonely and you’ve taken to having arguments with yourself, make an effort to connect with others. Text, call, FaceTime or even write a letter. Stay connected with others and that will combat feelings of isolation. If you’re having a down day, get in touch with someone you think may be struggling. You’ll make their day, and by cheering someone else up, your own spirits will be lifted too.

I’ll finish this weeks post with an acupressure point for you to try at home. This point is good for treating depression and anxiety. It also works well for stress and sleep issues, give it a try.

acupressure point

The point is at the base of the inner wrist, beneath the little finger. Hold or massage the point for up to 5 minutes. You can repeat and do it throughout the day as many times as you like.

If all else fails remember to breath!

Keep safe and well
Victoria x