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Tuesday 21st April 2020

A lot of you come to me asking for an energy boost, so I thought that would be a good topic for this week’s blog. With the current situation you may find that you’re pushing yourself more than usual. We have more time for doing practical jobs in the house and garden and also exercise may be an outlet for lots of you. With the luxury of time it’s very easy to overdo it and coupled with the emotional stress, burnout is possible. I think emotional stress more than anything can tax the body and lead to burnout. So with this in mind I’m suggesting some acupressure points to boost energy.

You’ll find this point one hand-breadth (width across the four fingers) below the kneecap, one finger’s width to the outside of the ridge of the tibia and in the shin muscle. This point will probably feel sensitive to the touch, so try to find the most sensitive point. The more it hurts to press it, the more needed it is! Apply pressure and massage the point in the usual way. As well as raising energy levels, this point also lifts the mood. It has the added bonus of boosting the immune system and treating gastro symptoms. It was a point reputedly used by ancient Chinese soldiers to enable them to go the extra three miles in their marches. It’s considered one of the most powerful points. With daily stimulation it is said you can live to the ripe old age of 100, so you’ll be extra pleased now whenever you catch me needling this point!

To deal with the emotional stress that can deplete your energy levels I’m going to suggest one other point to try;

This point is located between the eyebrows. A good way to stimulate this point is to squeeze the skin in that area, or you can gently massage the point in a circular direction if you prefer. The squeezing technique gives stronger stimulation, so is particularly beneficial for a headache. For purely calming, you may prefer the massaging technique. Concentrate on relaxing all the muscles in your head and face as you do this. You should get a nice dull achey sensation. A lovely calming point, and also good for headaches and tired eyes.
Give it a go!

And again if anyone wants me to cover a particular subject, please just ask.

Take care,
Victoria x