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Tuesday 14th April 2020

This week’s focus is going to be on dealing with some of the emotions that may be bubbling up for you during this time. I’m thinking about anger, ranging from mild frustration or irritation to full blown rage. I think this will have been affecting us all at some point. This may be at the mild end of the spectrum, such as feelings of frustration from a lack of freedom or social contact. To the sheer frustration of trying to get your kids to focus on getting some work done, when their attention span seems similar to that of a goldfish! A lot of you may be looking at your significant other with utter disgust, as they emit yet another fart in the tight confines of lockdown! All these feelings start to lead to Qi stagnation, which can lead to various issues. So I’m proposing you massage the following point to help with that;

You’ll find this point between the big toe and the second toe, right where the bones meet. This point is also useful if you’re suffering with hormonal issues, aches and pains or headaches.

Following a client request, I also want to talk about feeling ungrounded. With all the stress and uncertainty around the current situation, this can lead to feelings of being ungrounded. To help combat this, and to make you feel more secure and stable, you can practice a visualisation technique.

Stand with feet slightly apart, back straight and shoulders relaxed. As you begin to breath, slowly, deep and comfortable imagine you are a tree. Strong, calm & wise. Slowly imagine from the soles of your feet roots begin to penetrate the soft earth beneath. Deeper and deeper they grow, stronger and stronger, gathering everything you need from the very Earth itself. Stay in this place where you are strong, nurtured and safe, breathing steadily and easily. When ready to come back to reality, withdraw your roots but taking all the goodness you have found from the Earth to keep you nourished. Shake yourself down and you’re ready to go.

Another technique is to walk around outside barefoot to connect with the earth, ideally over grass or earth. When doing this begin with the same breathing and when you begin to walk be aware of the Earth beneath, the texture, temperature, the sounds, the smells, all the sensations. Breath them into your own being to fully connect. When ready to finish, again shake yourself down and you’re ready to go.
This may be better done in your own garden, as it may be a little too grounding if you step in dog poop on your walk and seriously spoil your Zen like calm!

Below is an acupressure point you can use ;

If you divide the foot into three parts, from below the toes to the heel, this point is located 2 thirds up from the heel in the central point. If you want to apply a lot of stimulation to this point, you can wear the nausea acupressure bands that are sold for pregnancy and travel sickness, popping them on your feet and walking around so that you get a more constant pressure. Alternatively just press and massage the points on both feet.

With the news that the lockdown is going to be continuing for some time yet, these techniques will hopefully be helpful in going forward.

Keep happy,
Victoria x