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Thursday 30th April 2020

My thoughts this week are that you may all be feeling a little unmotivated by this point. Good intentions we had at the beginning may have gone sailing out the window. A bit like New Years resolutions, where you plan to get fit, become fluent in Mandarin and achieve enlightenment, now as you munch your way through your sixth crisp packet, these goals seem a distant memory. You may be struggling with maintaining structure to your day, or if you have children their schedules may have become increasingly tough to enforce. All of this just adding to the sense of lethargy and aimlessness. With the situation continuing and the knowledge that life isn’t going to go back to normal for a long time, we all need a bit of a pick me up.
I am suggesting the following point for acupressure;

The point is located one handbreadth above the prominence of the ankle bone, next to the tibia bone, you may feel a bit of a depression. Apply pressure and massage the point in the usual way, it’s likely to feel sensitive when you press it, if you’ve got the right point. One note of caution do not stimulate this point during pregnancy, as it can induce labour. This is a good point for motivation, and counteracting sluggishness. It’s also helpful for treating insomnia, depression and hormonal issues.

I also recommend this week reviewing your schedule and if you have children, theirs too. Rewrite them if necessary, review what is and isn’t working, and include what you’d like to do differently.

Daily meditation practice is a good idea too, helping you to stay centred, calm and energised.
If you’d like to follow a meditation try these;


I’ve met Matreya before and visited his beautiful garden, so he comes highly recommended.

I’ll leave you with this stunning image of Matreya in his garden.

Stay safe and happy,
Victoria x